Vocabulary is important to reading comprehension. Reading comprehension depends upon the meaning a reader gives words. The more vocabulary words a student knows, the better s/he will be able to comprehend.

A large vocabulary opens students up to a wider range of reading materials. A rich vocabulary also improves students' ability to communicate through speaking, listening and writing.


How can instructional technology be used to help students develop vocabulary skills?


How will I use instructional technology be used to help students develop vocabulary skills?


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Activating Strategy

What is the meaning of esoteric?

Word a Day widget

Teaching Strategy & Guided Practice

Increase student vocabulary with:

  • wide reading
  • repetition
  • word structure
  • integration
  • context

Teaching Vocabulary

Step 1 - Give description or explanation of word.
Step 2 - Provide non-linguistic (non-verbal) representation of word.
Step 3 - Students write own description or explanation.
Step 4 - Students create own non-verbal representation.
Step 5 - Periodically check map and use words in context.

Project Sharing / Practice

Text to Speech

There are a variety of tools that can take digitized text and convert it to synthesized speech. The ability for students to hear words in context can increase their understanding when reading. Content that may have been previously unavailable becomes available when text to speech is enabled!
Windows Firefox Addon - Text to Voice • Apple Firefox Addon - Speaking FoxMac UsersWindows Users • Text to SpeechWeb Tool • Read the WordsWord Web Software

Web Tools for Practice

Repetition is a way to increase vocabulary skills. Many websites have been established to assist students with vocabulary practice.
Free RicePaperRaterVocabSushiWord GirlWordnikWordthink

Web Tools

Vocab Profiler

World Book Online

South Western will add the Discover module of World Book Online. This new module includes the ability for students to have the content read to them!


The wiki is a wonderful collaborative environment that students can use to build a vocab-tionary! The word-a-day wikispace is alphabetically organized so students can enter words, meanings and sentences in a searchable space. Another idea would be to organize a wiki around word structures and enlist students to add content. Participate in the Word-A-Day wikispace.


AutomotivatorWordleWordSiftMindmeister • Tagxedo


RSS allows the teacher to subscribe to websites and pull in current and frequently updated content for students to read. See this Pageflakes example.
The TweenTribune is another great option! Other feed options: MSNBCCNNGoogle Blog SearchAlltopDiggTechnorati

Extended Thinking

For an EATES lesson plan, students would have to compare/contrast, classify, analyze perspective, construct support etc. Consider this as you create a website with vocabulary learning activities and/or practice for your students.


Share your responses to the question on the Wallwisher.: How will you use instructional technology to help students develop vocabulary skills?

Vocabulary Resource Links

Mmkrill's Favorite Links on vocabulary from Diigo




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