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Getting Started!
Class Badges will help show what you know! Click here to see what badges are available and how you can earn them.

The tables have turned!
YOU will be a student for a little while.
  1. Click over to the shared posting site (Padlet) and post a short paragraph or key words for what you hope to accomplish during these sessions. How would you like to bridge the digital divide with your students/ in your classes? What criteria are you looking for in an digital learning space?
  2. Be prepared to visit 3-4 different learning management environments and participate in similar activities within each.
  3. Complete your graphic organizer as we move through, so you can make a decision about what will work best for you and your students. (File>Make a Copy to store this organizer in your Google account. Two tabs have been started for you.)
  4. Select a digital learning space and begin planning discussions, scouting for and organizing resources in a meaningful way.
  5. Begin the planning document before building the group/course/site. This document will aid you in organizing the resources/directions you will include for your the various segments of your learning space.
  6. Report your progress to the instructor to collect your achievement badges!

My Big Campus

My Big Campus uses Groups to organize students into classes/courses/activities. Click over to MBC, sign in and join the Bridge the Divide group. This code may be helpful - ko5qko0u - to join the group. We will start in the Discussions, so click that link when you get into the group.


Moodle uses Courses to organize students into classes/courses/activities. Click over to SW Moodle, sign in and enroll in the Bridge the Divide course. This enrollment key may be helpful - bridge - to enroll in the course. We will start in the Discussions, so click that link when you get into the group. You will take part in 3 different discussions within the Moodle course.


You can see from this workshop how wikispaces may be used as a digital learning space through the posting of resources and directions. Adding projects and discussions to wikispaces allows for student collaboration and communication. Click the Discussion button at the top of this page to participate in a discussion using Wikispaces.

SW Google

SW Google Apps has a lot of components that teachers can use to create a digital learning space. Starting with a Google Site, the instructor can combine the needed components of Google Apps to create a custom digital learning space. From the article "Google Apps for Education: When Will It Replace the LMS?"

"If, as Rees’ image suggests, the usage of the LMS on campus really just involves document sharing, announcements, gradebooks, and discussion boards, then isn’t a platform like Google Apps for Education a completely viable (and free) replacement? What do you need that Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Chat, Google Docs, Blogger, Google+. and Sites don’t provide? With the extension of the Google Apps for EDU platform to third-party developers (some of which charge, some of which are free), why are schools paying for an LMS again?"

Click over to the Bridge the Divide Google Site and review the available Google components. We will use the Google Group component to hold online discussion(s).

On Your Own

The services below are really great too! The difference is that these sites are not 'hosted' by South Western. For the most part, they will contain the same or similar types of activities/resources we have learned about in the SW hosted resources. The important thing is that you select the digital space that best fits your needs.

Readings and Resources

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