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Socratic Questioning

Congratulations! You have been selected by President Obama to develop question stems he can use when talking with foreign officials. The President is tired of yes/no answers and he also sick of only getting the facts and not deeper to his. He has decided that maybe he is simply asking the wrong type of question. One of the young upstarts in his cabinet suggested he use more socractic questioning, but he wants to be sure he fully understands what that means before he gives it a try. Use all your available resources to find out socratic questioning is and share a few question stems he could use to get started. Time is of the essence and as usual, he only wants a brief, to the point report! Go!

Download the official Memo document here.


Discussion Rubric

When hosting online discussions, it is important to set expectations and guidelines. By implementing a rubric for online discussions, students are able to hold themselves accountable before clicking the Submit button!
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Engaging Tasks

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