M - Test the Waters
Software applications, Web applications, Internet vs WWW, Browsers
Introductory session to acquaint participants with the applications available on their equipment and the information on the World Wide Web. Navigate available software programs and identify classroom uses. Learn to search the web for information using a variety of search engines, how to store those sites for later and many other tips and tricks for using the Internet. Participants will establish a variety of online accounts to use throughout the week.

Tools & Resources: Internet Browser, Diigo, Google, Word Processing software, Mindmapping, Edmodo

T- Catch the Wave
Save, Search, Evaluate
Having trouble finding just what you are looking for? Tired of sifting through millions of sites for key information? This session will provide instruction for effective and efficient searching, evaluating and saving of web based information. Learn how to choose the best keywords to find exactly what you need. Evaluate resources for ethical use and organize classroom resources for later retrieval.

Tools & Resources: Google, Google Advanced Search, Creative Commons, Flickr, Edmodo

W - Ride the Wave
Create, Communicate, Collaborate
Develop classroom activities using digital tools and resources. Combine searching and evaluation skills with natural creativity to develop a classroom activity based on state standards and district curriculum.

Tools & Resources: PDE SAS, Web 2.0 Tools, LoTi, HEAT, ISTE NETS, Edmodo

R - Hang Ten
Integrate, Extend Thinking
Identify areas in curriculum for replacement with digitally appropriate projects. Develop an understanding that technology is part of the process of learning, not simply useful for creation of projects at the end of a learning unit. Revisit and revise activities based on this understanding.

Tools & Resources: LoTi, HEAT, NETS, PDE SAS, Edmodo

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My Notes:

LoTi -

Blogging - this session will involve different folks each day from different groups. Why Blog?

My group will be dual platform
Beginner - Intermediate
novice folks >20 all me with an asst
<20 mac/windows

Curriculum will be more skill based than focused curriculum
Day 1 basics? print save locate
Confidence with computer/internet
Back to Basics
-search, save, file management,
Tools - Diigo.


Friday - keynote then they go to a previous am session/work on lesson with small group/partner
pm - present idea