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Description:Participants will learn how to use MS PowerPoint and SMART Notebook to create interactive learning games that can be used with or without an interactive whiteboard to meet the varying instructional needs of today's students. The creation process will be demonstrated and participants will be able to create games and activities related to their curriculum to review and teach concepts and skills. Evaluation Link: http://mbcurl.me/DA1

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Getting Started (Activating Strategy)

What do we mean by interactive? What keywords come to mind when you think about students engaging with interactive materials.

Classroom Considerations

How will students access the materials you create? From your webpage? Wikispace? Online environment? We will first identify this information to develop the learning portal from which your students will interact with the materials.

Online Resources

Game Based


Menus, Quiz, Learning Path

SMART Notebook

SMART Notebook Resources
Toolbar Details
SMART Gallery
SMART Exchange

Wrap Up ~ Summarizer


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