MC900434778.PNGCome and explore how you can meet the needs of all learners, drive your students to create at the top of Bloom’s Taxonomy, explore media literacy and learning technologies into the curriculum. Learn the pedagogy of using video creation as assessment, plan and develop a project, and create the assessment guidelines and rubric during this one day workshop. In addition, you will be able to create a sample product of your own to learn the technology and have an example to share with students. Evaluation Link:

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Moviemaking in Howard County
AFI Screen Education

Classroom Considerations

How will students access the task and materials? Organize Project Task and Materials (Example)

Your Tasks:
Read: Video in the Classroom
Work through the moviemaking process.
Design a project for your class.


Planning & Organizing

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Your Task:
  • Pick a topic, research (world book)
  • Choose the movie genre/style: Book Trailer, PSA, Readers' Theatre, Reenactments, Interview, Music Video, Documentary, Comedy, etc...
  • Write out a script.
  • Storyboard 1, Storyboard 2



SchoolTube is a great video sharing site. The teacher gets an account and creates a secondary account for students to upload videos. The teacher is a moderator for each video, if that setting is selected.
Your Task:
  • Click here to access our video sharing site.
  • Upload your video here.
  • View the videos of your peers.
  • Sign up for your own SchoolTube account. Be sure to select your school when that option is presented.


AFI Moviemaking Manual
Movie and script site
Create a Movie

Tech Learning Bloom's Taxonomy Blooms Digitally
Discovery Video Editing PowerPoint: