The term Web 2.0 is associated wqIdnvy1310742350.pngith web applications that facilitate participatory information exchange, leaner-centered design and collaboration on the World Wide Web. Explore and practice with Web 2.0 learning technologies and investigate how the use of these technologies in the classroom can impact teaching and classroom dynamics. A variety of tools for managing information, creating content and collaborating for learning will be explored. Participants will plan a classroom activity that incorporates one or more Web 2.0 tools.

What is it??

Read this post by Vicki Davis to learn more about Web 2.0.

Making Connections

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When it comes to selecting a Web 2.0 tool for use with/by students, be sure to focus on the why!
Things to consider:
  • The essential questions of your lessons.
  • The purpose of the use. Will the students create, present, inform, persuade?
  • Where does the use fit on your learning map? Activating Strategy? Extended Thinking? Summarizing?

ISTE's NETS provide a great framework for the use of digital tools. Reference this important set of standards as you plan learning activities.

Supporting Creativity and Innovation

Students can use many web tools to create. The trick is to ensure that the tool is being used for learning. Even when used as a presentation tool, a web tool can provide opportunities for problem solving, decision making and critical thinking!

Build Your Wild Self
Voki (E)
Glogster (E)
Big Huge Labs (E)
Animoto and Animoto (E)
Google Presentations
Make Beliefs Comics
Little Bird Tales

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Supporting Communication and Collaboration

Wikispaces, SW Wikispaces
Edmodo, SW Edmodo (Help)
Google Docs, SW Google Docs

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Supporting Research and Information Fluency

World Book Online (Subscription)
Oregon School Library Information System
Discovery Streaming (Subscription)
Discovery Streaming Students

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Supporting Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

Wolfram Alpha
Google Forms
Create a Graph

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Supporting Digital Citizenship

What does 'digital citizenship' mean to you? Click here to respond.

Common Sense Media
Copyright, Fair Use
Creative Commons
Netsmartz Lessons

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Technology Operations & Concepts

How Stuff Works
The Journey Inside

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